What is a Lightworker? A Lightworker is someone that devotes their intentions, thoughts, words and actions toward the betterment of humankind. Sort of like Luke Skywalker except we (most of us anyway) don’t carry light sabers and don’t travel in space (not in spaceships anyway!).

The focus is on the positives in life. We don’t care to discuss politics or religion unless we are called upon for help. We believe in being good and doing good. Lightworkers create their lives through intention, thought, speech and actions. After all, we’re all connected!

This site is dedicated to Lightworkers that want to get their personal messages/products out to the world. Yes, it is a profit-based site but we all have bills to pay right? If you would like to post your creations on click here.

A local favorite:
Godsign™ – Annie Truesdell –

Here is a link to a wonderful description:
What Does It Mean To Be A Lightworker and What Is The Definition of Spirituality?